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  • Areas shaded in blue are areas in Florida that we deliver to in person on a regular basis.
  • Free delivery is a service we offer to these areas.
  •  If you need delivery outside these areas, it is still possible to have your fish delivered free depending on the size of your order and our current workload.
Free Delivery!!!
        At Into Florida Fish we realize that transporting and acclimating live fish can be a difficult task with considerable risk involved. If the fish you bought don't arrive alive or if they become over stressed during transport or the acclimation process, they will be nothing but fish food when you release them. 
    We have it down to a science so to speak and we take pride in working hard to bring your fish to you as stress free as possible and acclimate your fish to your water temperature at no extra charge. 
We will advise you of any potential problems that we see and in fact if we see any water conditions that would put your fish in real danger we won't release the fish. Instead we will advise you to the best of our ability what steps can be taken to resolve the issue before attempting to stock again. 
For your convenience we are now accepting PayPal as well as most major credit and debit cards.
    We might not be able to offer free delivery to every customer but we will try. All we ask is that you place your order and be patient. 
It costs nothing to place an order with us and we can usually get to most customers within two to three weeks.
In some cases we can get your order to you the same week or even the same day depending on your order and location.