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Fish Gallery
   Fingerlings are made ready for transport in holding tanks that are flow through in design in order to help rid their digestive system of waste for at least 24 hours. This helps keep the ammonia levels to a minimum during transport to ensure that they arrive to you in good health.
Blue Tilapia fingerlings 
in the
 1" to 3" size range.
The only species of tilapia we sell is the Blue Tilapia (Oreochromis aureus).
In Florida, other species require a restricted species permit from the FWC.
The smaller size range fish can be bagged with pure oxygen and a small amount of water for easier transporting and acclimation than the larger size range fish.
We usually recommend that if you have predator fish already present in your pond,  you go with the larger size range of whatever species you are stocking.
Blue Tilapia Fingerlings in the 3" - 4" size range.
Blue Gill/ Red Ear Sunfish fingerlings in the 1" - 2" size range.

When you are stocking with smaller size range fish, it is important to have some type of cover for the smaller fish to hide in, even in a new pond.
  Cover for the fish can be vegetation, rocks, logs, submerged brush piles or even scrap pipes. As long as the fish can hide in it. 
  Christmas trees can be recycled back to nature by concreting the stump into a concrete block and submerging it in your lake or pond to provide habitat that will benefit all aquatic life there. 
We recommend that Blue gill/ Red ear Sunfish be stocked at a ratio of at least  3 or 4 for each Florida large mouth bass that you plan to stock.
There are a small percentage of Red ear Sunfish mixed in with the Blue Gill for variety. If you look at the top of the picture in the middle, the second fish from the top is a Red ear Sunfish other wise known as a Shellcracker.
Blue Gill/ Red ear Sunfish fingerlings in the 2" - 3" size range.

Some Blue gill will start to spawn in their first year at around 3" - 4". Others will not spawn until their second year.

Blue Gill/Red ear Sunfish in the 2" - 3" size range.
Florida Large Mouth Bass in the 1"  - 2" size range.
We usually have this size range in springtime until early summer.
Only larger size range bass are available after that.
Florida Large Mouth Bass in the 3" - 4" size range.
Bass in the 2" -  3" size range ready to come to dinner in your lake or pond.
Florida Large Mouth Bass will easily grow from 1" - 2" fingerlings to this size in a year or less when provided with good habitat and an adequate food supply. You can bet they spend most of their time feeding and that's why we suggest making sure you have enough forage fish (food) and plenty of habitat (cover) for the forage fish to  reproduce and hide while they grow.